Dispatch from the food movement: Interview series

Throughout the summer and fall, we spoke with leaders in the food movement across the country to hear about the challenges and opportunities facing their communities in terms of food security, justice and sovereignty. We heard about how Covid-19 has affected their operations and their ideas on charting a path forward.

Read the interviews here:

“Hunters are working really hard to provide free food to their community, but get very little financial support in return.”

- Wade Thorhaug, Qajuqturvik Community Food Centre




“We are very late in talking about agriculture in our schools with young people, so that they might consider agriculture to be a possibility for themselves.”

- Rébeka Frazer-Chiasson, Coopérative Ferme Terre Partagée



“Anti-racism is about learning about racism, learning about how we can live together, so we don’t keep making the same mistakes over and over again.”

- Anan Lololi, Afri-Can FoodBasket



“What I would love to see is more of an emphasis on our collective social strengths and goodwill. There’s enough food out there for everyone, I’d like to see people building more neighbourhood food systems and food networks so that they know who their neighbours are, so that they can share skills with each other whether it’s gardening skills or nutrition skills or food workshops.”

- Sarah Kim, Vancouver Neighbourhood Food Networks




These interviews were conducted as part of Food Secure Canada's work looking at how Canada can meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To learn more about the SDGs, please see our page here.