Youth Caucus

The Food Secure Canada Youth Caucus (FSC YC) is a network of youth (aged 30 and under) dedicated to mobilizing young persons and advancing the dialogue around food security issues across Canada. FSC YC aims to convene youth across the country from diverse perspectives, interests and backgrounds to collectively envision and work towards zero hunger, sustainable food systems, and healthy & safe food.


We are committed to:

  • ensuring youth representation in Food Secure Canada's decision-making processes and throughout its networks

  • providing mentorship and leadership opportunities and safe space for youth to strategize and mobilize around food

  • continuous outreach and recognizing the strength of engaging youth from a diversity of backgrounds and experiences.

  • strengthening the understanding around the complexities and intersectionalities of our current food system 

  • holding a safe space for capacity and network building


Get involved


If you are interested in volunteering with us, or your organization is dedicated to engaging youth in food systems or food policy issues, please e-mail


Meet the team

Youth Caucus Executive

Victoria Pullia - Co-chair

Rav Singh - Co-chair

Carly Hayes - Education Lead

Sarah Edmunds - Networking Lead

Hannah Muhajarine - Partnerships and Evaluation Lead

Emily Trimble - Communications Lead



The Lunch Table - A youth food policy podcast

The Lunch Table is a youth food policy podcast hosted by the Food Secure Canada Youth Caucus. The Lunch Table provides a platform for youth to collaborate, discuss, learn, and mobilize with peers and food policy leaders to build a sustainable and just food system through activism and policy. By bringing together diverse perspectives, interests and backgrounds, we envision what zero-hunger, sustainable food systems, and healthy and safe food looks like in communities across the nation.

Listen to The Lunch Table on Google Play, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeartRadio and Libsyn.



Getting youth voices heard

The Food Secure Canada Youth Caucus collaborates with youth from all across Canada to help bring youth perspectives and voices to the table and bring awareness to food security and food policy topics. Explore some of our collaborative projects below, including two policy briefs to Food Secure Canada during the National Food Policy consultation period outlining issues that are of concern to youth and an infographic tool for youth about our rights while working on farms.

Engagement of Youth in Farming and the Problem of Farm Succession

Youth, the Changing Nature of Work, and Food Insecurity

Our Regional Champions and Youth Caucus volunteers submitted two policy briefs to Food Secure Canada during the National Food Policy consultation period. Read about two issues that are of concern to youth, and what we have recommended to the government.

2018 Quebec Provincial Election - What’s at stake for youth?

2018 New Brunswick Provincial Election - Growing food security




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