What We Want


We are calling for a bold new national food policy based on the goals of zero hunger, healthy and safe food, and a more sustainable food system.

We want to bring the food movement together and make food an election issue. It will take more than the marketplace to create a healthy, and sustainable food system and we need to do more than individually ‘voting with our forks’ when buying groceries.

We need to tell politicians Canada requires national food policy delivering:

National food policy is common sense. Canada requires a food policy cutting across health, environment, education and the economy to address the interrelated issues of hunger, unsustainable food production, climate change, and unhealthy diets.

Read more on our proposals on how to democratically Create National Food Policy

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  • commented 2015-07-02 18:03:34 -0400
    We already have an excellent draft of what a national food policy should look like. Its called Resetting the Table: A National Food Policy for Canada and over 3500 people participated in its creation. Check it out: http://foodsecurecanada.org/resettingthetable