Do you agree that Canada needs a bold new vision for a national food policy that will ensure that all people in Canada enjoy the right to food, that all kids have access to healthy food in school, and that the next generation of farmers gets the support they need to thrive?

Please answer this question only if you are a candidate running for the next federal election. Individuals and organization can sign the Eat Think Vote petition here.

This question is not intended to affect an elected official's ability to exercise freedom of action in Parliament. 

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Do you agree?

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    Selkirk-Interlake-Eastman is home to farmers, fishers and market gardeners. We are acutely conscious of the need to keep our land, lakes and rivers safe from the effects of pollution, invasive species and climate change. We need a food safety and security policy that works with our economic/environmental policy as offered by the Liberal Party.
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    Absolutely. The Green Party has a comprehensive platform that deals with this issue and actually addresses the underlying issues that lead to food insecurity. I personally have developed several educational resources on this topic.
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    Yes, the NDP has a comprehensive food strategy that connects Canadians from farm to fork. In cooperation with the provinces and territories, our food strategy will bring an integrated approach to federal policy to connect agriculture, rural development, environment, health and income security. We will improve access to healthy food for every Canadian, ensure sustainable agricultural communities and resources, and promote Canadian food here at home and around the world.

    The NDP’s comprehensive food strategy was developed based on extensive consultations that included local food policy councils, farmers, dieticians, food security organizations, Indigenous organizations, and other civil society stakeholders. We will work with these same stakeholders, in addition to provinces and territories, municipalities and Indigenous communities, in implementing our vision from coast to coast to coast.
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    See for details on growing Canada and solving food insecurity.
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    As the Liberal candidate in Central Nova, I am proud to share with you key areas of our election platform:

    We will do our part to help Canadian children live healthier lives, with less exposure to known health risks.

    To help families make better food choices, we will:

    •introduce new restrictions on the commercial marketing of unhealthy food and beverages to children, similar to those now in place in Quebec;

    •bring in tougher regulations to eliminate trans fats, similar to those in the U.S., and to reduce salt in processed foods; and

    •improve food labels to give more information on added sugars and artificial dyes in processed foods

    We will invest an additional $80 million, over four years, in the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for more food safety inspections of domestic and imported foods.

    To ensure that northern families have access to affordable, healthy food, we will increase investments in the Nutrition North program by $40 million, over four years. We will also work with northern and remote communities to ensure that the program is more transparent, effective, and accountable to northerners and other Canadians.

    Canada’s farmers and ranchers are the foundation of our food sector. The work that they do to feed Canada and the world is vital, but government support is needed to help them with challenges ranging from transportation to water management to research and food safety. To attract investment and create good jobs in food processing, we will invest $160 million, over four years, in an Agri-Food Value Added Investment Fund. This will provide technical and marketing assistance to help food processors develop new value-added products that reflect changing tastes and market opportunities.

    To support innovation in the agricultural sector, we will invest an additional $100 million, over four years, in agricultural research. To better allocate research funding, we will establish a transparent process that involves food producers.

    Food is a basic need and we can do better to ensure food security for all Canadians.
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    Eat local, know where your food comes from. Encourage sustainable agriculture and make sure there is a plan for food!
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    Candidate for Steveston Richmond-East
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    I say yes to new national food policy. #EatThinkVote
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    The NDP already has made considerable progress towards such a policy, which is called “Everybody Eats.” It is the only Agriculture and Food Security policy among the major political parties I believe. Also, we dedicated significant support $$$$ to expand the Nutrition North to 50 more communities and fund local food (veggie greenhouses) production initiatives.
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    Candidate for the Liberal Party of Canada in Beaches-East York
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    A national food security strategy is vital. An NDP government will take an integrated approach connecting agriculture, rural development, healthcare and income security.
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    Yes! Food security is essential for our future. I support a national food policy that promotes healthy food for every Canadian.
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